R 799

2019 Silver Elephant Big Five 1 oz coin

The demand for silver coins has grown steadily over the years and one of the key factors working in its favor is the affordability of the metal. The Big Five Series of silver coins originates at the South African Mint and depicts five unique species native to the African continent. The five animals depicted in this collection are considered the hardest to hunt on foot and are, in some cases, among the most deadly predators in the world. The coin was launched at the World Money Fair in Berlin in early February.The series consists of a Brilliant Uncirculated-quality coin struck from 999.9 fine silver and a proof-quality version of the same and in March 2019. The Obverse The Elephant fills up much of the surface area on the obverse side, with its face accentuated and tusks bordering the top part. Encircling the elephant at the bottom, below the tusks, are the words ‘South Africa’ and ‘Big 5 2019’, and South Africa’s national coat-of-arms in the centre. The Reverse The reverse of the elephant coin bears the ingenious design of two halves of the elephant’s face, side-by-side. The ear, tusk, eyes, and part of the nose of each of these halves are prominent in this design, which is meant to give one complete face when two coins are placed next to each other. When multiple coins are placed next to each other, a herd is formed. If you want to know more please contact us at: Contact Us