R 3350

Aztec Silver Coin | 5 oz Calendar Round

The 5 oz Aztec Calendar Silver Round is one of the most intricately designed silver rounds. The Aztec Empire is an integral part of the history of Mexico. The Aztecs ruled over central Mexico from 1345-1525. Their rule ended when the Spanish invaded and took over much of North and South America. The obverse features the famous Aztec Calendar stone. The notorious stone features the face of Tonatuih, who is described as the Aztec sun god. Below his face is his name, “CUAUHTEMOC”. The face is surrounded by small images that depict Aztec history and mythology. The reverse features the image of the last ever Aztec emperor: Cuauhtemoc. Cuauhtemoc was emperor over the Aztecs from1520-1521. He was emperor for only two years because he was executed by the Spanish during their conquest. His portrait is surrounded by an Aztec border as well as “FIVE TROY OUNCES” above & “.999 FINE SILVER”. If you want to know more please contact us at: Contact Us