R 3350

5 oz Aztec Calendar Silver Bar

The sun stone of Mexica culture was an important work of art that not only created a visual interpretation of cultural ideology and the complex solar calendar of the Mexica. The Aztec Calendar design has featured on a number of new products recently, including a lineup of silver bars. Bar Highlights: Arrives inside of individual plastic flips and mint tubes of 10! Delivers the Aztec sun stone design on a beautiful 5 oz bar! Contains 5 Troy oz of .999 pure silver. On the obverse face is a portrait of Cuauhtemoc. The reverse includes a design of the Aztec sun stone. The Aztec sun stone is a large piece of basalt rock that was sculpted with the solar calendar of the Mexica during the late post-classical era of its culture. The stone itself is 141 inches across, 39 inches thick, and 54,210 lbs in weight. Following the Spanish conquest of Central Mexico, the sculpture was buried in the Zocalo, a central square in what is now Mexico City. On the obverse side of 5 oz Aztec Calendar Silver Bars is an image of the leader Cuauhtemoc, the final emperor of the Aztec Empire and leader of the city of Tenochtitlan. He reigned for just one year before the empire finally fell to the invading Spanish conquistadors and was eventually held captive by Hernan Cortes and his conquistadors until his execution in 1525. The reverse face of 5 oz Aztec Calendar Bars includes an ornate recreation of the Aztec sun stone. The sculpture was carved onto the rock between 1502 and 1521, with the rock buried soon after the fall of the empire to the Spanish. The circular design of the Aztec sun stone reflects the 365-day cycle system on the solar calendar of the Mexica that includes 18 distinct 20-day cycles.