R 1350

2021 Great Britain 2 oz Queen's Silver Beasts | The White Greyhound of Richmond £5 Coin GEM BU

The Royal Mint's ten-coin Queen's Silver Beasts series continues with the release of this silver bullion coin honouring the White Greyhound of Richmond. The series is a pictorial history of the heraldry of British monarchy and the powerful legacy of the Queen. In heraldry, the greyhound is associated with fitness, skill, faithfulness and loyalty. Reverse Featured on the reverse is a beautifully sculpted White Greyhound with its front paw supporting a heraldic shield adorned an image of the Royal Crown perched upon the Tudor Rose. Inscriptions include "WHITE GREYHOUND OF RICHMOND," "2 OZ FINE SILVER," "999.9" and "2021." Obverse An elegant portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is centered on the obverse, dramatically contrasted against an intricate guillotine patterned background. Inscribed "ELIZABETH II, D.G. REG. F.D., 5 POUNDS." Jody Clark has been a sculptor for The Royal Mint since 2012. His effigy of the Queen is notably the first monarch coinage portrait to be commissioned to a Mint employee in more than 100 years. The Queen's Beast Series The reverse of each release features one of the 10 famous beasts, and 2021 features The White Greyhound of Richmond, who is associated with qualities such as fitness and skill, as well as faithfulness and loyalty. Descendants of Edward III used the greyhound as a badge and it became closely associated with the House of Lancaster before passing to the Tudor family.