2021 Canadian Maple leaf 1 oz Silver

R 535


Silver Maple Leaf coins have been issued annually by the Royal Canadian Mint since 1988. The Silver Maple, as they are often fondly referred to, is an unmitigated success as an investment coin yet still of interest to collectors and sometime buyers thanks to its beautiful sugar maple leaf design. Discover Canada’s 1 oz Silver Maple Leaf 2021 The 1 oz 2021 Canadian Maple Leaf is minted from .9999 silver, making it one of today’s purest silver bullion coins. It is an ideal choice for stackers and, of course, these elegant silver coins also make wonderful gifts. Since it made its debut, the design of the Silver Maple has remained largely intact. The obverse portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II has been updated to mark the passing years of her Majesty’s reign, but the reverse has carried the exquisite rendering of a sugar maple leaf, a symbol of Canada, since 1988. Reasons to choose the 2021 1 oz Silver Maple Leaf Since 2014, the coin has been minted with a new background of light refracting radiating lines and a laser engraved small maple leaf that act as extra security features. The 1 oz 2021 Silver Maple Leaf also benefits from the addition of Mintshield surface protection devised by the Royal Canadian Mint to make these beautiful silver coins more resistant to surface spotting.