R 679

2021 1 oz Armenian Silver Noah’s Ark Coin BU

The Armenian Silver Noahs Ark coin joined the world of precious metals in 2011. The 2021 release of the coins will mark the official 10th anniversary of the program. Introduced with 1 oz, 1/2 oz, and 1/4 oz silver, the series now offers some of the most unique alternative silver weights with 5 oz, 10 oz, 1 Kilo, and 5 Kilo silver coins introduced in 2012. Obverse design elements on the 2021 Armenian Silver Noahs Ark Coins include the national coat of arms for the Republic of Armenia. Adopted after the dissolution of the Soviet Union and Armenias emergence as a fully independent state, the seal is flanked by an eagle and lion with a quartered shield featuring different, historic images of the eagle and lion. At the center of the shield is a small crest with the image of Noahs ark on the peak of Mount Ararat. Reverse design visuals on 2021 1 oz Armenian Silver Noahs Ark Coins feature Eduard Kurghinyans depiction of Noahs ark. This is based on the Biblical tale from the Book of Genesis where God had sent a flood to cleanse the world of sin. The ark can be seen floating on the floodwaters as the sun begins to rise and the rains have ended. In hopes of finding dry land, here it can be seen where Noah has sent out a dove that is shown returning with an olive branch in its beak.